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Marketing Research

This is one of the valuable service that GCM Innovation & Marketing Consultancy offers to their clients, With 5+ years of combined market research and consumer insights experience, we help our clients to develop successful business strategies.

We allow them to make business-critical decisions based on robust, credible insights into their target markets with the detailed insights into the competitors, understand customers’ pain points & preferences, latest market trends, consumer buying patterns, economic shifts and demographics.

That’s why smart business owners never under estimate market research and leverage it to creative effective strategies.

Strategic Research

When you really want to get to know the people that buy your brand we offer qualitative research that takes you into the real world.  The one where people actually live, not a weird focus group venue.

We use the latest technology to allow us to observe people’s real behavior. Our observation techniques get you the closest you can get to living, breathing human beings and can dramatically change the way you see insight.

But just watching from the edges doesn’t give you the full ticket.  We dive in with you and your teams, conducting fully immersive experiential research workshops. From dinner at their place, to film and date nights.  Allowing you to experience real life, not just hear it in a research debrief.

Creative Research

With our specific set of packaging research tools, we can give you a more realistic viewpoint of shopping.

From timed fixture trials and semiotics to tasks designed to reveal the really important messages.

Our packaging research approach will show you not the museum show case aspect of packaging, but the messy, real life version.

New Research

Most people don’t know what they need, they just know what is going on around them now. By using our close observation and social listening techniques we can reveal a more radical answer.

Through research we can show you not what people say they want, but what they truly need.  Using our planning and creative specialisms we can help you build concepts just like you would at a brand consultancy, only ours will actually solve things for consumers and make you look good at the same time.